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A Slurring Trump Just Claimed People ‘Threw Up’ While Watching Ballots Being Counted ‘3 Times Sometimes 5 Times’ for Biden

As unbelievable as it would otherwise seem, Trump started talking about Hillary, and as Aaron says, it is July 21st 2021. A doctor might have something to say about someone who repeats the same things over and over again.

See video from the first tweet, and we’ll go down below to the second.

Yes, why would the people of Georgia believe that the election was rigged, who might have suggested such a thing? And, who went down to Georgia two nights before the election to “campaign for the Senate seats” and spent the entire time talking about how he didn’t lose the election?

He spent the first half-hour talking about the 2020 election and this is the primary Democratic hope in 2024, that he will not have moved off 2020 because he’s simply incapable. 2020 remains a “loss” and even a “win” in 2024 will not make up for the loss.

Trump then said that he “came up” with a vaccine that they said would take 3-5 years, when, in fact, no one said such a thing, they said, “hopefully this year.” Moreover, if Trump came up with the vaccine, did Boris Johnson come up with the British vaccine, that they had before us?

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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He went straight back to talking about the box of votes under the table in Georgia, a story debunked 10 to the 5th power number of times:

Still, on the election being rigged, Trump then spent about five minutes talking about “routers,” in a genuinely new complaint. We had absolutely no idea what he’s talking about, “Why are they not giving up the routers?” WTF?

We should not be surprised that right after he indecipherable talked “routers” he started slurring his speech, badly. He then – and this is unbelievable – said that people started throwing up upon seeing the election “being stolen.”

Ugh, the slurring is back as well:

Just another Trump event. He is getting worse, though, clearly. His only purpose in life, at this point, is to talk about how he actually didn’t lose in 2020.

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