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Big MAGA Radio Host and COVID Denier Now Extremely Critical on Lung ‘Machine’

As always, the disclaimer, we never take joy in suffering, nor self-righteousness that we remain near immune. We reserve the right to be angry.

We reported on the fact that Phil Valentine, a major radio talk show host, virulent anti-vaxxer and COVID “doubter,” was hospitalized with a serious case. It now appears that Valentine has taken a sharp turn for the worst and has “the most serious” of cases because he is on a special ventilator called an ECMO ventilator. An ECMO ventilators are used for the sickest of the sick and are so sophisticated, they’re not even available in many hospitals. Echmo ventilators don’t “ventilate” with air so much as they become lungs, removing blood from the body to oxygenate it while also withdrawing carbon dioxide. In other words, it’s a machine lung.

Valentine is very sick.

We will be writing these stories regularly. COVID is on the rise everywhere again and it is almost solely a MAGA disease. COVID was serious enough, but the delta variant is far more harmful. The delta variant can flatten younger and younger people. It certainly would take the lives of many older people but thankfully, most older people are vaccinated.

From News Channel 5 [1] in Nashville:

Conservative talk radio host Phil Valentine remains hospitalized in his battle with COVID-19. According to a tweet from SuperTalk 99.7 WTN, he was placed on a ventilator earlier this week “out of an abundance of caution.”

His brother, Mark Valentine, shared an update on his condition on Friday, saying he needs to be placed on an ECMO machine. ECMO stands for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and is said to be similar to the heart-lung by-pass machine used during open-heart surgery.

“Phil made it through the nite [sic]. He needs to be on an EKMO [sic] machine which is lung part of a heart/lung machine. We’re trying to get him to a hospital with that equipment via helicopter. The protocol requires he be able to be on his back for several hours which I didn’t think he could do…but he did! We’re checking bed availability now and if he is a candidate for transport. It ain’t over,” Mark Valentine wrote.

We hope that it is not over. We need his voice back on the radio telling everyone far and wide to get the damned vaccine and avoid an echmo ventilator. There is no more “abundance of caution” here, this is it.

We hope, but there is very little left.


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