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Candace Owens Claims the Only Thing Biden Wants is a Totalitarian Regime and Trans Military

It is the oldest political trick in the book, accusing the other side of what you have done, plan to do, want to do, make sure the allegation gets out no matter how obvious the projection might be.

Tucker Carlsen hosted Candace Owens tonight and Candace was worked up. She is very disturbed by this country’s path (in barely seven months). See if any of this sounds familiar. We hope so, because Candace is, to put it mildly, very upset by it all.

She sees the “leftists” as being nothing more than ideologues. To fully appreciate the projection here, we even looked up the strict definition of an “ideologue,” who is “an adherent of an ideology, especially one who is uncompromising and dogmatic.” We keep getting stuck on those words, uncompromising, and dogmatic (We had to look dogmatic up, too, just to be sure: “Lay down principles as incontrovertibly true”). This all sounds familiar. Where have we heard this before?

She worries that we do nothing but blindly follow Biden’s marching orders and that truly is special coming from someone whose party just booted their highest-ranking woman because she refused to compromise her belief in what happened on January 6th. Meanwhile, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema remain members of the Democratic party.

“Blindly following marching orders”? Boy, that is special, coming from someone who adheres to MAGA-world, where the GOP doesn’t even have a platform anymore, it’s just whatever Trump says.

And the “Trans Military,” how dare she! She never served a day in her life. And yet she’s going to criticize those men and women who do put the uniform on? All because Candace doesn’t approve of their identity that transcends superficial biological indices of gender? Nah, Candace just wanted a cheap shot in there. She knows that nothing scares the Right-wing more than something they truly don’t understand, something they find “weird,” and so she just went straight to their outrage word and called the entire military “trans.”

This is the best use of political projection-propaganda we’ve seen in quite some time. It is truly a wonder that she can say this with a straight face. Of course, those appearances lead to checks and checks are great to cash. So, here is Candace with her concern that leftists are becoming ideologues who do nothing but follow Biden’s marching orders:

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Right. Ask her what it was Trump wants her to do next?

Peace, y’all
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