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Charlie Kirk Encourages Young People to ‘Play a Game’: Defy TSA Mask Requirements

Charlie Kirk suffers from Right-wing MAGA syndrome. He got into the Right-wing media “game” because there is just so much money to be made on that side of things and since he was so young at the time, his brand was the typical “Young Republican groups,” those folks made famous by their penchant for dressing like old Republicans. He started out small with Turning Point USA and had some success.

But as with all things MAGA, that little success, the first hit, needed a follow-up. He needed more, and soon he had more conferences, regular appearances at real Republican events, and a bigger following. It resulted in more money. He was chasing the dragon at that point, more attention, more money. Now he has his podcast and is forced to say outrageous things to get the attention that used to come from simply being a young jackass.

Now he wants his young followers to play a “game” with those tyrants with TSA (You know, the Transportation SAFETY Administration). From Salon:

“I have a TSA story I could go through as well,” Kirk began. “There’s this woman without a mask, looking at her phone. I try to — by the way, you guys should all play this game alongside of me; it’s a lot of fun. It’s how far can you get through the airport without them telling you to put on a mask? All of you guys, it’s really fun.” Kirk then asked his audience if any of them had successfully boarded planes without wearing masks. Some students in the crowd raised their hands, and Kirk responded, “That’s awesome!” 

Yes, boarding a plane without a mask! Awesome! Own those damned libtards.

Kirk went on to declare that a member of his team had been successful at the “game” and “broke through” at the airport while defying the current federal mandate to wear a mask. 

All anyone is trying to do at this point is keep the delta variant from spreading so fast that it kills more conservative, anti-vaccine, MAGAs. How irresponsible? How childish? And how desperate? He needs to be more outrageous each time, to keep that pipeline flowing. MAGA disease.

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