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Columnist Blames Trump for the Unleashing of ‘Insufferable Karens’, ‘They Model His Exact Behavior!’

Forget the Trump litigious Krakens, the thing that Trump really unleashed upon the country are the Karens, the “I would like to speak to the manager” Karens, the fight with women – especially black women, Karens, the rules don’t apply to me Karens, and the Victoria Secret lying on the floor and crying Karens:

Now the Daily Beast’ [3]s Erin Gloria Ryan says it can all be traced back to Trump’s entitlement, and insistence that white people own this country and MAGAs shouldn’t put up with sh*t, like normal life. Rules don’t apply to them, just like they didn’t apply to Trump:

“For every Karen or Kevin who gets their just desserts, there are untold numbers of abusive customers, passengers, patrons, and shoppers who do get away with it, and the problem seems to be getting worse.

Restaurant workers who returned to understaffed restaurants report that customer shitheadery is at an all-time high. Predictions that the summer of 2021 would be both horny and chill have turned out to be sorely mistaken. Instead, all across the country, some Americans decided to get their pandemic ya-yas out by abusing the wait staff, flight attendants, bartenders, receptionists, baristas, nail technicians, cashiers… any worker whose job is to deal with customers, reset expectations, enforce rules.”

Exactly. What did Trump do whenever someone opposed him? He fired them, abused them, called them out on Twitter, whiny, entitled, he fought, and the MAGAs loved it. Trump was a Karen, or a Kevin, whatever meme you want.

Donald Trump’s presidency damaged our standing in the global community, our public health, our government, and our democracy, but he’s also done irreparable harm to the American personality, attracting people who were already kind of shitheads in the first place and encouraging them to give into their worst impulses and then cry and break things when they don’t get their way.

“When I watch a video where a man is dragged off an airplane after refusing to wear a mask, I see a COVID-riddled President Trump ripping off his mask as he gasps for air on the steps of the White House after being released from Walter Reed [4]. When I watch a diner screaming [5] anti-Asian racial slurs at restaurant staff, I hear President Trump telling CBS News’ Weija Jiang to ‘ask China [6]‘ about COVID-19. When a patron threatens [7] to call ICE on a Texas restaurant because of its mask mandate, I hear Trump calling Mexican immigrants ‘rapists.’

It is a little like how Melania started out with “Be Best” directed at cyberbullying, but after seeing her husband as the worst cyberbully, she quickly shifted (Notice?) to “Be Best” in just sort of “living,” and it was too general to mean much of anything.

We are in complete agreement and we focus primarily upon Trump’s insistence that rules don’t apply to MAGAs, it’s their country. Racism is okay and always was. And there is nothing more important than being “tough.”

It led to the Karen-complex and it isn’t limited to women, in fact, it might be worse with men, it’s just the meme implies women. Until Kevin came along. This is actually an important opinion column that should be read.