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Conservatives Go Nuts After NY Times Reporter Calls Trump Supporters ‘Enemies of the State’

Conservatives are sometimes notoriously thin-skinned and this was in evidence once again when New York Times journalist Katie Benner asked a ponderous question while at the same time calling former President Donald Trump’s supporters “enemies of the state.”

“Today’s #January6thSelectCommittee underscores America’s current, essential natsec dilemma: Work to combat legitimate national security threats now entails calling a politician’s supporters enemies of the state,” Benner, who covers the Justice Department and is a contributor for MSNBC posted on Twitter.

“As Americans, we believe that state power should not be used to work against a political figure or a political party,” she added. “But what happens if a politician seems to threaten the state? If the politician continues to do so out of office and his entire party supports that threat? The dilemma was unresolved by the Russia probe and 2 impeachments. With many Republicans denying the reality of the Jan. 6 attack, I doubt the #January6thCommittee will resolve it either. That leaves it up to voters, making even more essential free, fair access to the polls.”

But then later on Tuesday Benner tweeted ‘I deleted unclearly worded tweets regarding the Jan. 6 committee.” Mediaite notes she offered no apology. Benner also deleted that tweet, but a screenshot is below.

I know more than a few conservatives are butthurt over her comments, but really what were those who swarmed the Capitol grounds on that tragic day other than enemies of the state? They were attempting to upend democracy by undoing a legitimately held election and their violence was spurred by former President Donald Trump who continued to deny his loss and to spread baseless lies that the election was stolen.

And few Republicans did anything to stem this dangerous tide. These people are ridiculously quick to insult progressives, calling us “snowflakes” and “libtards” and then not being able to handle it when we hand insults back to them.

Some notable conservatives jumped at the chance to vent their umbrage at Benner:

“Work to combat legitimate national security threats now entails calling Trump supporters enemies of the state,” fumed Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.). Banks was rejected by Speaker Nancy Pelosi from serving on the select committee.

“A writer for the most prominent newspaper in America, the NY Times, vilifies us as ‘enemies of the state’ in her Jan. 6 analysis. The ruling class hates us, and the corporate media is the enemy of the people (I’ll agree this is at least partly true)” tweeted Newsmax host Steve Cortes, who’s a former senior Trump campaign official.

The noted left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald managed to connect the dots between right- and left-wing propaganda:

It’s been my observation that the right-wing is far more guilty of trying to portray left-wingers as enemies of the state, even to the point of trying to blame Antifa for the Jan. 6 siege.

Fortunately, Twitter users were on hand to let conservatives know their thoughts on this.


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