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Does Peter Doocy ENJOY Getting Humiliated by Jen Psaki? Watch Doocy Ask ‘Who’s at Fault’ for Covid Case Increases

Everyone likely remembers that Trump never got over his need (and never will) to blame “fault” regarding everything and everyone. We heard it over and over, “It is their fault!” or even “And they are not at fault!” to “It’s not their fault!” and this was never more true than when it came to COVID.

Fault about COVID? China, the WHO, Obama and empty shelves, the CDC and bad information on masks (it wasn’t, they were saving masks), the governors’ fault, fault fault fault. And, as we’ve seen all too often, the MAGA culture drips down through from Trump to the pols and to the media. Fault, fault, fault.

There are some issues in which “fault” is the primary question, but an epidemic isn’t one of them, at least not when one is still in the midst of it. The primary question is who is needed to help make the most progress to turn it around, not “fault.”

Peter Doocy is a Fox dunce who somehow (through dad) gets a spot in the front row of the most prestigious press room in the world. He tries his doggone heart out to get gotcha questions in and Psaki continues to call on him because they the hell not? She knows she can handle him like a hanging curve planted 450 feet above the hot dog stand, so call on him, as she did today, when Doocy was very interested in “fault,” whereas Psaki – the adult – wasn’t worried about the 8-year-old question about “It’s his fault!”

First, Peter, as Psaki says, it’s not about who is at fault for the fact that the numbers aren’t going in the right direction, only that they’re not going in the right direction and the point is that we need to get them reversed. If Peter wants to talk fault, he should blame an evolving virus. If he really wants to talk about people who are at fault, he best be prepared to hear some real blowback.

Psaki, the adult, wins again.

Peace, y’all
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