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Father of Five Loses His Life to Covid After Texting, ‘I Should Have Gotten the Damn Vaccine’

Every single time we report these stories (in the hope that some will read them and be convinced to get vaccinated) we take no “joy” or self-righteousness in the death, the opposite, actually. We are embarrassed that some on the left do seem to relish the “payback.” Not here.

We do get angry. We have our hearts broken for the kids of younger parents, kids that will grow up never really knowing parents, daughters not walked down the aisle by a father, a dad not there for graduation, a mom unavailable for a phone call needing advice. The kids are the innocent victims and on their behalf, the kids couldn’t say, “Get the damned vaccine!!” and we are outraged.

Michael Freedy, 39, died this week and he leaves behind his fiancé and five children. The delta variant is taking people younger and younger. People like Freedy believe that this is how they own the libs. His last words? He wished he got the vaccine.

According to Fox5 [1] in Las Vegas:

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Two weeks ago, life was great for Jessica DuPreez. She was on vacation in San Diego with her fiancé Michael Freedy, (better known as Big Mike at the M Resort where he worked), and their five kids ages 17, 10, 7, 6 and 17 months.

Shortly after their vacation, Freedy went to the hospital for what he thought was a severe sunburn. He tested positive for COVID-19. Thursday morning, Freedy died with DuPreez by his side.

“He is only 39. Our babies now don’t have a dad. You can’t say I am young and it won’t affect me because it will,” DuPreez said. Freedy was not vaccinated for COVID-19.

As is also typical, the family has a GoFundMe [2] site. If we at this site had any extra money at all (it is hard enough for sites to get by nowadays) we might donate to the GoFundMe site. There are at least five wholly innocent victims of this tragedy and they will need care.

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