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Former U.S. Attorney Notes that New Tom Barrack Charges Should Send Shivers Down Kushner’s Spine

The biggest arrest of the Trump term, bigger than Manafort, bigger than Flynn, bigger than Stone (Unless Stone had talked, which he wouldn’t do), occurred today when the FBI arrested long-time Trump confidant, chair of the inaugural committee, Tom Barrack. Barrack was charged with seven counts but the big one is the fact that he was an alleged unregistered lobbyist for the UAE. As we said in earlier reporting, this arrest likely rocked the entire Trump world. We have heard many rumors about the Trump Organization, Weisselberg, and even from January 6th. This one came out of left field, surely shocking all of them.

But there are two people who should be worried far more than most, Trump himself, of course, and then there is Jared Kushner. The reason these two ought to be sh*tting their pants right now is that acting as an “unregistered lobbyist” is akin to being called a “foreign agent,” even a “spy.” An American is allowed to lobby for a foreign country – say, Canada, for example – but must register as a lobbyist for that country, to have every agenda all out in the open. So what if someone else in the American government was “helping out” a foreign power, lobbying Trump against U.S. interests or Trump doing another country’s business in exchange for favors? That would spell big trouble.

Jared sure took an active interest in the Middle East, yes? How many trips did he make back and forth with MBS? Most unannounced. And during that particular time in 2018, Jared was caught up in the middle of a Saudi-UAE blockade of the Qatari port. MBS suddenly rounded up a bunch of Saudi dissidents, including family, the UAE pulled out of the blockade, and Jared got his building refinanced by Qataris. A messy time, as we’ve already reported, and even chronicled back in January.

Kushner sounds like an unregistered foreign lobbyist to us, if he wanted to help out Saudia Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar, all with the hope he would get his building refinanced, he should be shitting himself today and we’re not the only one who knows it:

Joyce is a former U.S. Attorney, she knows exactly who she’s talking about. But because she often appears on MSNBC, she can’t go quite as far as us. She is talking about Kushner, and maybe Ivanka or Trump. But mostly Kushner. This isn’t rocket surgery. The writing on the wall was available back in 2018 and we noted it again over the holidays last year.

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Jared should be shaking in his boxers right now.

Peace, y’all
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