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GOP Lawmaker Rushes to Delete Tweets After Facing Backlash For Comparing Dr. Fauci to Cult Leader Jim Jones


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Of course, all of us knew the definition of “cavil” but we at this site had to look it up again because we never heard it used in the context in which the Kentucky House of EDUCATION (for god’s sake) Chair, Regina Huff (“Karen,” herein)  used it in a tweet today. But we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

The MAGAs never liked Dr. Fauci because he was never any fun. He was the adult who said it was time to get out of the pool, and we lost hundreds of thousands due to the fact that the MAGAs wouldn’t listen to the lifeguard, they listened to the life-threatening Trump, instead. But MAGA anger boiled over yesterday when Fauci brilliantly looked Rand Paul in the eye and said, “Senator, you do not know what you’re talking about.” No one talks to MAGAs that way and gets away with it.

So today, from Marjorie Taylor-Greene, to Charlie Kirk, to our new “Karen” below, Ms. Huff, it is open season on doctor Fauci as not just “wrong,” but someone who is taking lives, an evil person. Only in Trump America.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal (One of the most impressive mid-sized papers in the country), the situation can be boiled down to:

Rep. Regina Huff, R-Williamsburg, tweeted photos of cult leader Jim Jones and top White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci Tuesday morning.

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Jones’ photo includes a textbox saying, “I persuaded over 900 people to drink my Koolaid” — a reference to the hundreds of people in Jones’ cult who drank poisoned Kool-aid and died in a mass m*rder-s*icide in 1978.

Next to it, Fauci’s image simply reads, “Amateur.”

“Some will cavil, they will not be able to help themselves,” Huff tweeted alongside the image.

Cavil, break us a fcking give. Shut up. Joe Biden should award Dr. Fauci the Medal of Freedom… were it not for the fact that Dr. Fauci already has one, given by Barack Obama, for saving lives long before COVID. Maybe Fauci should be the first to get a second medal, it wouldn’t make up for the abuse, but it would show him that some of us appreciate his work appreciate him doubly so.

Peace, y’all
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