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Humiliating Video of UN Laughing at Trump Reemerges After Angry Statement: ‘World Never Laughed at Me When I Was There!’

Trump put out another one of his “Official Statements” from the Office of Trump Twitter Replacement Headquarters, USA, to rebut a new assertion dug up in Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker’s upcoming book I Alone Can Fix It. Trump simply couldn’t let it go upon hearing that the book highlights Speaker Pelosi openly discussing her fear (quite rightly) that Trump would use nukes as president. The guy who asked about nuking hurricanes called Pelosi a “known nut job.”

As he is want to do, Trump took great offense today (Statement below):

“I was the one that got us out of wars, not into wars. And I was the one who got respect for our Country again, not like now when the leaders of the entire World are laughing at us. They didn’t laugh when I was there!”

Yeah, cool story. They actually did laugh, and when we say “they,” we’re talking about the representatives from around the world. Indeed, there’s an old video of Trump giving a speech at the United Nations [1], (Also Linked Below) in which the world’s ambassadors did laugh when Trump embarrassed himself, saying: “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.”

But before even watching the video (:50 to 1:15) do note that when the assembly laughed at Trump, his response might have been one of the most “adult” and “appropriately humble” of his term. Notice that he sort of took it like a man (so to speak), and even laughed at himself, rather than puffing up like the big baby.

I didn’t quite expect that reaction, but it’s okay.” While laughing a bit at himself.

It is not like we’re going to give him a medal. But he really did respond well. He could’ve used that type of deflection far more often and done far better in just normal speeches to the country. Thankfully, he did not.

And so now the video is going around again, embarrassing him again, and we knew that he couldn’t possibly respond appropriately again.

Peace, y’all
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