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Jaw Dropping: Schiff Confirms ‘Grave’ Concerns that Trump Set the Table for a Coup with FBI, CIA, and Defense

With the release of details from “I Along Can Fix It,” by Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig, what had been “pieces” of evidence are now becoming a coherent string, Trump’s planned an attempted coup on January 6th. Today, Adam Schiff confirmed that the Intelligence Committee had serious concerns about just such a scenario.

While it becomes increasingly clear that January 6th looks like an operation designed to remove Mike Pence from the Capitol (as a physical matter, not the ultimate “removal,” at least not that anyone can conceive). At one point, Pence refused to get into a vehicle to get him away from the Capitol because he did not know the Secret Service agents driving the vehicle. He told his detail that he trusted them, not others. It would seem as though at least Pence believed that the Secret Service might have been working in conjunction with Trump and they needed Pence out of the Capitol.

But Schiff concentrated his thoughts on what he knew to be true, that Trump had set the table by appointing loyalists in the FBI, CIA, and Pentagon. MSNBC asked Schiff if he shared General Milley’s concerns about a coup. His answer leaves one breathless: (Video below)

Oh, absolutely, we were concerned about it. Because it’s exactly what they did with other intelligence agencies probably no agency was more devastated than the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, when you had Dan Coats forced out of his position because he was speaking the truth about Russian interference. He was speaking the truth about North Korea and its nuclear missile programs, notwithstanding the love letters between Donald Trump and the Korean dictator.

And they were replaced. Mcguire was ultimately replaced because our committee was briefed on Russian interference with political hacks, like Rick Grinnell and others were put in positions of responsibilitylike Kash Patel, that they had no business being in. And so this was also what happened at the defense department is not a surprise, and that there were concerns about a change at CIA and an FBI, I might add, all of these things were of grave concern to us. 

Grave concern. That is strong language. But if one has loyalists in the Defense Department, FBI, and CIA, to say nothing of the Secret Service, one would have put everything in place, to the extent possible, to get away with it. Strange as it is, Mike Pence’s refusal to get in the car, and Bill Barr’s refusal to entertain fraud allegations, likely saved democracy for at least four years.

Now, hearing that Trump had all those pieces in place, it seems critically important to closely examine Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz’s contacts prior to registering their objections.

Peace, y’all
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