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Joe Biden Mocks Trump’s Two-Handed Water Drinking and the Audience LOVES IT

In a recent appearance at a campaign rally for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, President Joe Biden couldn’t resist mocking Donald Trump’s weird habit of drinking a glass of water with both hands β€” something he’s been doing for a year or more.

Perhaps Biden is simply fed up with Trump’s continual derision, and this was a chance to put his predecessor in his place. And, according to Raw Story, [1] it was a hit with the audience as whoops and cheers rang out.

This is simply hysterical to see.

One can hardly blame Biden, whom Trump continually mocked and derided as “Sleepy Joe” and questioned his cognitive abilities despite his own very obvious shortcomings [6] in that area. We’ve seen videos of Trump having trouble negotiating ramps, slurring his words, and speaking in word salads.

So it was fitting that Biden had the chance to even the score a little bit.

And Trump has tried on numerous occasions to show that he could drink water one-handedly, with less than perfect results.

His struggles with handling a glass of water and walking down the aforementioned ramp even spawned a Twitter hashtag: [11] #TrumpIsNotWell became a trending topic just over a year ago in June.

Trump supporters may be out-of-sorts that Biden mocked their idol, but this is really the end result of Trump’s years of cruelly mocking people who don’t kowtow to every one of his petty demands. Which is really just a fancy way of saying he deserves what he gets. If you’re going to bully people, eventually you’re going to be bullied. He has, after all, bullied women, people of color, the disabled, and people from “sh*thole countries.”

Did I leave anything out here? Twitter users were also glad Biden had the chance to put Trump in his place. For once.