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L.A. Trumper-MAGAs Celebrate Ridiculing a Cancer Patient with Mask Until She Cried

The cruelty is the point.

A Theme that Emerged Throughout the Trump Term.

The atrocious and tragic roots of the “proud” way in which the MAGAs waived aside the fact that the world’s richest and powerful nation also led the world in COVID per percentage of the population, lay in the fact that Donald Trump was not going to let anyone see him as some weak-ass p*ssy who feared anything, never mind a virus too small to see! Additionally, Trump never saw the disease as anything but a political calculation, the more the disease became a problem, the less likely he would be elected. He never considered the possibility that had he dove in to manage the disease and suppress the consequences, he had a decent chance of being reelected due to the fact that he could manage a difficult unanticipated problem.

Thus it was that the COVID political roots were established from the beginning, and they ran deep. They remain there today.

Two things have been concretely established during this epidemic. The vaccine works, almost as a miracle cure with 100% effectiveness. Second, obviously, masks continue to decrease the spread of the disease. These two obvious facts have become the most contentious issues in American COVID management.

Given that the cruelty is the point, it isn’t enough for the MAGAs to choose their own fate with regard to masks and vaccinations. No, the MAGA movement is based on an aggressive belief that they are the proper “patriots” in this country and can thus impose their political beliefs on those who may be unwilling to see the world as they do.

They relish the cruelty. These are just two MAGAs from L.A., and one can find two idiots in any group, we understand. But we seem to find a lot more of these within the MAGAs. Certainly, only the MAGAs would take pride in getting a cancer patient to cry.

And here’s the poor woman:

Despicable, and cruel. But that’s the entire point.

Peace, y’all
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