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Lewandowski Says Trump is ‘Leading by Example’ on Vaccine When Asked Why He’s Not Helping More

There is a strong temptation to simply write off the MAGAs with respect to COVID. They have made their bed and let them lie in it, if they die, they have one person to blame, themselves. But then we report on a funeral of a dad to three children, none of whom understand the world and the pros and cons of medical treatment, that’s why we require children under 18 to get parental consent on everything.

Those children only know they’ve lost a father, not why. On those occasions, we drop all the “Well, they have no one to blame but themselves.” It might be true as to the deceased, it is not true regarding the family.

Shamefully, Fox’s Howard Kurtz said the media isn’t giving Trump enough credit on the development of the vaccines, apparently unaware that both the U.K. and France had the vaccine at the same time we did. Operation Warp speed was nothing more than removing some hurdles.

But then Kurtz turned to the real issue and asked Corey Lewandowski on the spot, the one every MAGA close to Trump needs to be asked:

“Why doesn’t he sort of help complete this achievement by pushing more forcefully for many unvaccinated Americans, many of whom support him, to go out and get the shots?”

Lewandowski gave one of the worst answers we’ve heard yet:

“The president has taken the shot himself.  He leads by example.”

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He got the shot in late January, behind the scenes, and word didn’t come out about the shot until March. Moreover, many people likely never heard. We don’t recall wide reporting. Kurtz said Trump could do a lot more, an embarrassing understatement, to which Lewandowski said:

“I don’t know what more he can do. It’s not exactly like the Biden administration is asking the president to come out and sit down at the White House. Even if he did, I don’t know if President Trump would do that.”

OH, F-OFF. Trump puts out “Statements” every day from the “Office of the 45th President, Donald J. Trump” and he could phone into Fox and Friends whenever he wanted and say it. It hardly requires him to come to the White House! They are trying to somehow lay this on Biden.

And Kurtz pointed out the same. Because Lewandowski had nothing better, he went back to the first answer:

“Howie, he’s led by example! He got the shots, he’s been inoculated, he’s told people to do it.

We don’t recall him telling people to do it. If he did, it’s not like there’s a rule that says he can only do so once. Ridiculous, but that’s what happens when asked to speak on behalf of a ridiculous person.

Watch video here:

Peace, y’all
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