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MAGA Arizona State Lawmaker: Coronavirus Vaccine is the ‘Mark of the Beast’

Strange. If somehow the vaccine is the “mark of the beast” a lot of us have failed to notice that we’ve fallen into beasthood, or whatever one falls into, since “beasthood” isn’t a word.

It was likely only a matter of time, Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers went into the electric public square known as Twitter, suggesting (though that’s perhaps not the right word) that people encouraging COVID-19 immunization are Sat*nic. We put asterisks in because some platforms don’t like controversial material like, well, you know, devil stuff. Especially as applied to the vaccine.

This is actually sad on two levels. One, it is sad that someone who is supposed to have some credibility and certainly has some power could descend to this level of insanity, and of course, it is sad that some people will undoubtedly listen, nod their heads, and end up in the ICU.

The delta variant is on the loose and it’s even more serious. That’s not stopping Rogers. Who tweeted:

“No one should be forced to take the vaccine. The globalists are practicing for the Mark of the Beast.”

So not only is the an insane MAGA – which is concerning enough, she is one of those insane MAGAs, increasingly prevalent (or at least increasingly louder) that are anti-Sematic. The “globalist” thing goes right along with “world government,” “new order,” and, yes, the 12 or 15, or however many Jewish bankers that “control the world.” This is the stuff of which holocausts are made.

For now, they’re a minority. But as we’ve said many times, there is no rule that says they must stay a minority, nor is there any rule that says a minority cannot take control of a country, and last, those that continue to let the virus circulate give the virus more opportunities to evolve again, perhaps into the echo variant, one that doesn’t acknowledge our very effective vaccine, or one that is far more deadly.

These people remain a threat and must be the subject of many reports:

Sad on so many levels.

Peace, y’all
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