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Michele Bachmann Says Trump Supporters Had Nothing to Do With Jan 6 — It Was ‘Left-Wing Activists Dressed in Black’

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachman has a vivid imagination that is often unencumbered by reality. So of course, she has some interesting thoughts about Tuesday’s hearing conducted by the House Select Committee as it investigates the attack on the U.S. Capitol and this has spurred her to release a video whereupon she purports the insurrection was actually a false flag “coup” perpetrated by Biden supporters, Right Wing Watch reports.

Well Versed Word, founded by right-wing pastor Jim Garlow, released the video. At one time Bachman served as the organization’s “Pastor to the United Nations,” until she took her current position as the dean of the law school at Pat Robertson’s Regent University.

Standing outside the Capitol Bachmann reiterated her claim that Trump supporters aren’t the ones who created the havoc that day. Because few people can beat a dead horse better than Bachman who keeps absurdly claiming with a straight face that it’s those consarned leftists who stormed the Capitol. The mob of Trump supporters that were on hand were simply peaceful Christians who’d gathered there to pray. It was all fluffy bunnies and pink gumdrops and shiny, happy Christians who showed up in support of their clueless leader. And those happy Christians were there to support Trump, she said because he was “supporting biblical values (is adultery a biblical value? I don’t remember.)

“They were so happy, she said. “And they were there in prayer, believing that the election results would be the true election results and only would be certified based upon what truly happened in that election outcome. So the people of faith were here, by faith, asking God through faith for his true election results. That’s the real story of Jan. 6.”

Then Bachmann claimed it was busloads of left-wing activists who perpetrated the attack.

“We didn’t see normal people breaking in,” she said (well she’s not wrong about that). Some people reported that they saw five buses drive up to this building, and people got out of those buses wearing all black clothing. They came up — we don’t know who those people were — but they came up, and it was clear that some people — whether they were the Capitol Police or dressed to look like Capitol Police — they physically took these bicycle-looking barriers, they opened them — the people who looked like Capitol Police — they open the barriers and they were [waving] to the crowd, come in, to say to the crowd you can come in.”

“There were some bad actors who had climbed up … and they were actually pounding on the glass,” Bachmann said. “Now, a normal person doesn’t do that. A normal person would never think to pound on the glass. I’ve seen the videotape of the first 14 people who went into the building. They were all dressed in black. They look like they’d been trained as warriors, the people who went in. This was clearly a planned event; that was not the Trump supporters who were around the building. What my conclusion was on-site is that this was nothing short of a coup. A political coup. What’s a coup? It’s an illegal takeover of a government. That’s what I saw happening.”

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I feel that it behooves me at this point to mention that Bachmann claimed President Joe Biden’s State of The Union speech last April was “the invasion of the Zombie apocalypse,” and at one point said Satan stole her vote and was physically abusing her.

I’ll just leave it at that. Here’s what she had to say in the video below.

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