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New Questions Arise About Whether Trump Actually Donated His 2020 Paychecks

Billionaires do not miss $100,000. Billionaires can afford to give .00001% of any check received, and it’s wonderful because even though it is not a lot of money to a billionaire, $100,000 is a lot of money to millions of people that could literally change lives.

Evidently, presidents are paid quarterly, or at least this last president, “TFG,” used to make great fanfare about writing a check to a government agency for $100,000 whenever it was quarterly tax time. He made a promise to do so with great fanfare, tweeting out a picture of his check, on one occasion he even had his account number on it.  (Idiot).

But now there are questions about whether our boy followed through in 2020, you recall the time, that point in which all the news was that his campaign was broke? Yes?

Recently, the Washington Post looked into whether Trump donated his salary in mid-2020 and… no one’s talking. One would think, that if he did, it would be extremely easy to prove and extremely important, given that he was coming down to an election in the mid and last quarter.

It is not just that no one is talking, there are other indications. Trump always wrote the check to one of the federal agencies. No federal agency stated that they received anything from Trump. From the WaPo [1]:

The Post also asked for confirmation of the gifts from Trump’s business and from the lawyer who helped arrange the donations. Neither responded. At Trump’s post-presidential office, a spokeswoman promised to seek answers — and then stopped responding to questions.

Hilariously, Trump often made a huge deal about the donations – as we said, sometimes taking pictures, but let’s pretend for a moment that Trump is simply worth $10 million, not the “Billionaire” he claims to be. Let’s pretend Trump was rich, but only worth $10 million instead of the astronomical numbers claimed as his net worth. He would literally only be donating  .01% of the entirety of his assets at $10 million. It certainly appears that Trump kept it.

Trump once said:

“It’s a lot of money. Whether you’re rich or not, it’s a lot of money. And I did it, and nobody cared. Nobody — nobody said, ‘Thank you.’ Nobody said, ‘Thank you very much,’ ” Trump said at a White House briefing in March 2020. [2]

Certainly, $100,000 IS a lot of money, it would absolutely change hundreds of millions of people’s lives. But that is the entire point, he made great fanfare that he was donating the money, even if it was to a federal government agency. (Which kind of always made us a bit suspicious, why not, simply write a check to the Red Cross or one of the non-profit hospitals?)

Bragging about an amount representing 0.01% of his total amount of reserves (If he was only worth $10 million) was nothing more than a commercial, meant to impress people who cannot divide. If a clerk took home $2500 a month, it would equate to a donation of $25 a month, and that is presuming the clerk is living paycheck to paycheck. If Trump is worth $100 million, it would mean the clerk donated $2.50 a month.

Interesting, because this has happened before. He will talk about his donations when it helps him, and then either “forget” to donate the money, or stop when it no longer helps him.

The is no absolute proof that Trump never donated his 2020 salary. But it is all but proven in our opinion.


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