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Picture of Biden Cabinet Meeting Versus Trump Cabinet Meeting Melts Twitter with Pride

There is a reason that Trump somehow came close enough in vote totals to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump made that reason perfectly clear when he came down the gold escalator. He was not afraid to let his hatred and disdain of others hurl itself out of his mouth. He had no real policy differences from the other 18 candidates on that original stage. He did have a different attitude and approach, he wanted the MAGAs to know that he hated the same people they hated and it would be okay to hate them again.

Thus it was that the typical MAGA got a very old school typical cabinet. Look over the people around the table, all talking about their appreciation of Trump, noting his greatness. The comparison to North Korea is noteworthy, too. But for our purposes, the top tweet is the focus.

There is a reason we elected Joe Biden and we when say “WE” it is meant in the widest sense. The country elected Joe Biden, the entire country, from *cough, *ahem, white dumbasses in the deep south (forget the electoral college), to the suburban moms in Buckhead Georgia, to the Hispanics in California, and (praise all dogs in heaven) the good Black Americans of South Carolina, who sent us the one person who might have been able to beat Trump, to new American immigrant citizens all over the country, LGBTQ Americans, disabled Americans, and all “others” in our society.

We elected him because we wanted to see this.

The difference jumps out at a person and, well, it means everything. Nice job, Joe, and nice job to all Americans who worked for him and voted for him.


Peace, y’all
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