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Pompeo Prays With MAGA Pastor for God to Forgive California for Electing Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris

One can find some whacked Right-Wing fundamentalist preacher saying some really whacked things on just about any day of the week. We try to stay away from isolated cases that paint one person as emblematic of an entire movement. On the other hand, it is not every day that a whacked Right-Wing fundamentalist preacher says whacked stuff this extreme, just following remarks made by Mike Pompeo. When a former Congressman, CIA Director, Secretary of State, and a widely rumored candidate for president in 2024 it gives increased legitimacy to the words coming from the pulpit and deserve coverage.

It is terrifying.

Jack Hibbs spoke at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills church in California Sunday, a church which he founded. Mike Pompeo was not only present but spent much of the service speaking with Hibbs and then Pompeo made some remarks to the congregation. We assume Pompeo’s remarks were relatively benign as they do not appear in the report.

Hibbs’ words, were not benign, in fact, they were ugly, misogynistic, and eviscerate any justification for a church’s tax-exempt status.

Hibbs prayed that God would forgive California for electing “people with antichrist worldviews,” and, for good measure, to ensure that there was no confusion that Hibbs might be referencing a man, he added specifically, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to RightWing Watch [1]:

“God, we pray that you would do something now—Jesus, please—in our nation’s capital,” Hibbs prayed [2]. “We do not wish ill upon Joe Biden whatsoever. We pray that you would heal him, that you would save him, that you’d open up his eyes to your saving grace, and the fact that it is Jesus who died on the cross for his sins and ours and rose again from the dead. It is the gospel of the living God that can cause all men and women to be changed.”

We assume that he is talking about President Joseph Biden who has gone to mass every Sunday for quite some time and some days goes during the week. He is also talking about Joe Biden, the man who has been married to a woman whose life was taken too young and remarried a wonderful woman to whom he’s loved throughout his life. He never bragged about assaulting women and no matter what sick sh*t the right likes to create out of still pictures (that lie), there are no accusations about assaulting women or kids, following Joe around throughout his life.

Unlike Trump, Joe has not spent his life bragging that his greatest purpose has been the collection of mammon, the only thing Trump worships.

“Lord, you know my heart, I’m not being funny.”

No, it doesn’t take the Lord to know and we also realize that what was said was anything but funny.

“But God, pleaOh, Lord, forgive us for sending people with antichrist worldviews to office, like Nancy Pelosi and, and Kamala Harris. They don’t want you, they don’t honor you, and it breaks our heartse forgive California. Lord, forgive us for allowing abortion. s. But Father God, we pray that you would take back this government from the brink. … Father God, [we pray] that you protect America while we’re in this vulnerable moment.”

It is little known, but when Roe v. Wade was decided, the evangelical right had virtually no opinion on it and, if anything, supported the ruling. It was only over the decades, through political manipulation, that abortion became the only issue in right-wing politics.

Both Pelosi (a very religious woman herself) and Harris greatly favor money going out from the rich to the poor – like Jesus advocated – in order to help children in poverty. This would seem to be at least as important a spiritual calling as anything.

But the “anti-Christ” thing is dangerous. If Pelosi and Harris are the anti-Christ, what is a good fundamentalist Christian supposed to do in reaction? The lone wolves out there will strike at some point. Both these women have secret service protection but at some point…

Lord, you know in our hearts we are not being funny. This is dangerous.

Peace, y’all
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