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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Proudly Promises to NOT Take Basic Steps to Help with COVID if She is Governor of Arkansas

This column is written from a little place that is a fifteen-minute walk from the Gulf of Mexico… in Alabama, though one of the few liberal parts. Every time that the media reports that Alabama is the worst in the nation with respect to the percentage of vaccinations, there is a temptation to run to the liquor store, or the pharmacy if one has access to the good stuff. To be sure, some of us have been fully vaccinated since the first available day and had our 13 years old vaccinated from the first day. We are out there.

But as bad as it is, at least our otherwise horrible governor is traveling the state to encourage vaccinations and require kids who are not vaccinated to wear masks.  Of course, Of course, nowadays, a governor who is already elected has more freedom than someone running, and apparently, Sarah Huck believes she needs to bury her reptilian brain in the sand while promising to do nothing to help Arkansians with COVID.

On Friday, Sanders made a list of promises of what she would not do help with COVID if elected: Thanks to our Raw friends:

She did criticize President Joe Biden, saying he should praise his predecessor for “helping get this vaccine created safely, quickly and effectively.” Sanders, who served as President Donald Trump’s White House press secretary, told Fox News, “If I’m elected governor here in Arkansas, we will not have mask mandates, we will not have mandates on the vaccine, we will not shut down churches and schools and other large gatherings because we believe in personal freedom and responsibility. It’s one of the key cornerstones frankly of our country.” 

 She did not offer any examples of what she would do to combat the deadly virus that is once again spiking across the country. Arkansas is the country’s eighth-worst state in getting its population vaccinated. Just 44.7% of adults 18 and over have been fully inoculated. Sanders then questioned President Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’ level of seriousness “about helping save lives through the vaccine,” insisting “they should admit they were wrong when they cast doubt on Operation Warp Speed at the very beginning, and give President Trump and his administration the credit they are due for helping get this vaccine created safely, quickly and effectively, and into the hands of Americans.” ‘

Many Americans believed President Trump would force the FDA to certify any vaccine to push it out too quickly in a desperate attempt to get re-elected. He repeatedly claimed the vaccine was coming far sooner than it did, and his own Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, in September claimed the coronavirus vaccine would be available by the end of that month. “I think that would make a huge difference,” Sanders claimed, “and I think they should really take some responsibility and step up and fix the mistake that they made by casting so much doubt at the very beginning of this process.” She also appeared to blame, falsely, the Biden administration for “politicization” of the vaccine.

Interesting. A person proudly refusing to do anything to assist with COVID is saying it is Biden’s fault that the vaccine is politicized? Yes, how very interesting, how very Sarah Huck.

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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Jesus, these people.

Peace, y’all
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