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Stupid MAGA: Candace Owens Unknowingly Argues for Socialized Medicine, ‘The Vaccine is Free, But What About Insulin and Inhalers?’

The writers and editors at this site have repeatedly questioned whether the MAGA bombshells, Candace Owens, Tomi Rae Augustus Lahren (Yes, that’s her full name, which is humiliating in and of itself) and any of the blondes that happen to be on the couch that day, whether they actually believe what they’re saying, or whether they’re saying it because they believe that the MAGAs just know they’re “hot” (their word, not ours) and will say dirty things to them, about liberals and politics… but in their minds…

Or, do they simply know that the MAGA men are ready to have their pockets picked by someone who looks like a model, were it not for the Fox crawler below. Is the goal to make as much money as possible while under 40 (These are MAGAs, everyone. Liberals know that women don’t even reach peak beauty until well after 40), they will remain very employable so long as they don’t turn 40 or invent a time machine.

Today, we think we got a small hint as to the paradox, “Believe? Or Believe in Money?” and our evidence falls clearly on the side of money, at least with respect to Candace Owens. Now, we joke a great deal about these women but none of them are stupid. Candace was somehow forced to demonize free vaccine throughout the U.S., and she noted that the vaccine is “free” precisely because it saves lives.

But her job is to trash it, and her first instinct was to ask about insulin and rescue inhalers for asthma patients, don’t those save lives, too? (Yes, very much so) And so if the vaccine is free, why are the other two not? Why are THEY so expensive?

Excellent question!! And a great argument for socialized medicine because Candace just revealed that, under her rationale, all these life-saving medicines should be free. We couldn’t possibly agree more, at least with respect to poor people. Jeff Bezos can buy his own heart transplant with a debit card for all we care (He might come out with a heart!), but poor people should have a shot at… socialized medicine.

Medicare for all, honey.

It is called free market capitalism as applied to saving one’s life and it’s the least “competitive market” in existence because they all just jack up the costs because they can and reasons, that’s why. The freehand of the market has brought prices down in only one element in health care, laser optical eye surgery, that’s it. Laser surgery for corrective vision isn’t covered by health insurance. Additionally, there are options to laser surgery, like “glasses.” So the market corrects and prices came down, in this one procedure.

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But that’s a rather different situation than going into the Emergency Room with a spear crossing both ass cheeks. At that point, there’s very little to barter about. Are you going to argue with the ambulance crew about how the hospital downtown is having a Valentine 15% off sale?


We need socialized medicine because market forces are keeping us down, not prices. Nice of Candace to notice.


Peace, y’all
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