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Team Trump Didn’t Want ‘Frequently Farting’ Rudy Near Debate Prep So They Gave Him WRONG TIMES

This is just sad, and we mean that in more than one way.

We have read repeated reports that Giuliani has shown up at various functions having had – at the very least – too much to drink, and at worst, just plain drunk. We at this site have nothing but compassion for those suffering from any sort of add*ction, alcohol or other. So to the extent that Giuliani’s spiral is due to drinking too much, all we can say is that we hope he gets help.

But there’s still a lot of crazy Rudy whether four sheets into the wind or stone sober, the guy has issues and has since about 2004. Yes, he was always a bit batty, but a guy doesn’t get to be the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, without having immense talent and drive. That “drive” has gotten him into more trouble than good for about 20 years, and he’s now an empty shell of whatever he once was, some of it left him even as mayor.

He is more than goofy, he was considered dangerous to the Trump campaign, because Trump listened to him far too often, from Rawstory we get the raw meat:

According to Business Insider, Trump allies Chris Christie and Kellyanne Conway were deeply wary of Giuliani’s approach to debating with then-candidate Biden, and did not want him influencing Trump ahead of the all-important first debate.

After Giuliani blundered his way through one debate prep session that aides described to the authors as “supremely unhelpful,” a decision was made to keep Giuliani out of the next session no matter how much he begged to help.

“Aides told Giuliani they would be gathering at 2:00 p.m., though they were scheduled to start at noon. They had tricked Giuliani by giving him the wrong time.”

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That’s not a crazy Rudy thing, if we were given the wrong time for lunch, Nicolle Wallace’s show, or for articles written during a day, we’d fall for it, too. But it’s still bad to be that bad. Were that not embarrassing enough:

The reporting tracks with reporting from reporter Michael Wolff, who claimed that no campaign officials wanted Giuliani at the debate prep sessions in part because he “passed gas constantly.”

That’s a cheap shot. It may be 100% true. It may be controllable, it may not be controllable. But mentioning it is a cheap shot. Does Rudy deserve the benefit of the doubt on those? Has he not dished out plenty of cheap shots? Of course. But still… That’s Rudy, and – evidently, he is not well-liked by that camp.

Peace, y’all
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