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Trump is STILL Risking Thousands of COVID Deaths: Linking Distrust in Vaccine to Distrust of Election, for His Gain

We all knew Trump to be a craven asshole who would probably have someone put to death if he knew it helped him politically or financially (same thing) and if he knew he wouldn’t be caught. We knew that. But like all things Trump, it was even worse, which is hard to imagine.

Yesterday, the authors of “I Alone Can Fix It” (Rucker and Leonnig) appeared on MSNBC. Ali Velshi asked if it was as simple as we think, whether Trump believed that masks make him look “weak.” The answer is yes, Trump being the only president who put his own political health ahead of the entire country’s. But again, it’s even worse, because Trump is still doing it. He knows that his fans don’t trust the vaccine, so he’s combining the distrust in the vaccine with distrust of the election and all things government.

“It’s also perverse to link the distrust of the election among his supporters, which he sowed and stoked for months, to encouraging people to distrust a vaccine which could save their lives. What we found about our report about Donald Trump’s final catastrophic final year in our new book is that many people giving him expert advice at the time, insiders in the medical community, were literally pulling their hair out in fear, in near-panic about him resisting their good guidance. And they were shocked at the degree to which he put American lives in peril for his own political benefit. It sounds a little bit like by linking election and vaccination distrust, he’s linking these things for his political benefit, again.”

Truly disgusting. And the band played on, more COVID deaths due to Trump even to this day.

“You know, what’s interesting about that moment Ali is the president when he said at the time, ‘people tell me,’ what he really often was meaning was ‘I feel that I look weak,’” said Leonnig. “I will tell you that we learned in our reporting that the chief of staff, Mark Meadows at the time counseled the medical and political advisors and political advisers, no way, he can’t wear a mask, he’s already dug in on this, he can’t do it, because his base will basically rebel. But Donald Trump himself believed that he looked weak and he told Phil and me that about the importance in his mind of looking strong, looking healthy, looking impenetrable, that was important to him.

Of course, he did. It was all a movie, it’s all pro-wrestling. Nothing matters to Trump, except Trump, the rest are just details and aren’t actually real in his mind. Life works that way when you have no empathy and are a complete narcissist.

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