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Trump Supporters are Absolutely FURIOUS That Ron DeSantis Was Kind and Polite to Joe Biden

When President Joe Biden met with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Thursday to discuss the tragic condominium collapse in the city of Surfside some supporters of President Donald Trump were outraged, Raw Story [1] reports.

Some, in fact, enraged that DeSantis thanked Biden for being “very supportive from day one, regarding the disaster, where nearly 150 people are still missing and 18 have died. Many of these nutters say DeSantis shouldn’t have even met with the president because they still believe his presidency is illegitimate even though he solidly beat Trump in the popular vote by more than 7 million votes and also in the electoral college — by 74 votes.

Logic is not in any way these people’s strong suit. His most virulent supporters have proven themselves to be downright dangerous and research [2] conducted in Belgium found that those who are vehemently right-wing are incapable of understanding emotions and how to handle them.

Bullying is second nature to these people and some took to Twitter to show their ignorance. And their comments are full of the typical witticisms you might expect.

“Governor, why are you sitting next to this fraud?”

“Establishment Ron thanks Establishment Joe.”

“DeSantis is dead to me.”

“Biden is not President. The whole thing seems faked.”

“Wow what a cuck.” While this comment isn’t the most imaginative, it’s not entirely wrong. At least not when DeSantis does things like failing to implement a mask mandate and sweeping Critical Race Theory under the rug, which he did just a couple of weeks ago. But no, he’s not a “cuck” for thanking Biden for his response to the tragedy.

I don’t know what it will take to prove to these people that Biden won the election fairly and squarely. They can yell all they want about the “stolen election” but all that yelling doesn’t make their delusions true.