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Trump Was Terrified that Ghislaine Maxwell Would Tie Him Into the Epstein Scandal

It is very hard to write about the Epstein scandal and not just because so many of us are dads to young teen girls. It is hard because there are few facts, many of which are disgusting, and a lot of rumors, some that seem more solid than others.

There are three facts that are beyond dispute. At one point in time, Donald Trump and Jeffery Epstein were close enough socially as to be pictured together, having a good time on numerous occasions and there are multi-sourced reports about parties where women were brought just for the two of them. (There are no confirmed reports of Trump with underaged girls) Another fact beyond dispute is that Ghislaine Maxwell would know nearly everything about Epstein’s sordid crimes. Last, despite the fact that the pathologist’s autopsy confirmed that Epstein committed suicide, there are rumors out there, and Ghislaine Maxwell wouldn’t know with certainty whether any of the rumors are true or not.

She likely lives in fear and we don’t feel particularly sorry for her except for the fact that the American legal system is set up to work by law, not by mob justice.

But according to Michael Wolff’s new book, Trump is worried about Ghislaine Maxwell because she would know nearly everything. (It is not in the book, but we imagine that Trump would realize that anyone with an agenda could use what she knows as a weapon against anyone they choose). Wolff says Trump would sit around Mar-a-Lago and ask: “Has she said anything about me?” (One can see small bits of sweat forming on his brow). “Is she going to talk? Will she roll on anybody?”

Prosecutors can’t use Trump’s questions as evidence of anything and we won’t go too far with it, either. Trump’s worries don’t prove anything with respect to a crime. But it is interesting that he worries about it. Trump could say that she might think she could get a deal to lie (this would be a typical defense) but to simply sit and worry while asking about it? Presumably, he’s asking someone who might know, Trump would have access to damn near anyone.

What does Ghislaine know? We know one thing. She must be aware of the fact that she possesses some of the most dangerous knowledge on Earth.

Peace, y’all
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