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Twitter Goes NUTS as Smarmy Matt Gaetz Brags, ‘We Even Want to Free Britney”‘

If one is Matt Gaetz, the single last thing you want to do is reference a woman who is known primarily for making s*xually saturated music and videos at the tender age of 18. Indeed, she had such success that her second album was entitled “Oops… I Did It Again,” which is not something that would be associated with a grown woman in the music industry, only a naive…

So Matt Gaetz would be well-served by leaving… society, but if he insists upon attempting to remain relevant, he probably ought to refrain from referencing, well, as we said, anyone associated with young s*xuality and Britney Spears certainly qualifies. Yet again, Matt Gaetz demonstrates no self-awareness and no appreciation for the anger about his behavior, even if it was confined to legal exceedingly young women.

We have no idea why Gaetz was even referencing the “inclusiveness” of his movement, or how that relates to Briney Spears and that is because it clearly doesn’t. Perhaps Gaetz, being in Southern California, simply had Britney on his mind. We cannot know. What we can know is that this guy get throttled on Twitter:

Yes, it is what the Republicans have. The GOP in congress must put up with both Marj and Gaetz because both are huge Trump supporters and thus both are completely untouchable, at least with respect to Congress. It is critical to note that Gaetz – disgusting as he is – is worth the coverage because it demonstrates just how strong Trump’s hold remains on Congress.

What an ass.

Peace, y’all
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