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Viral Video: Man Confronts Tucker Carlson at Montana Store, ‘You are the Worst Human Being!’

Some of us have always had a special place in our hearts for Big Sky country, Montana. There is something weird about the “sky” there in that it does look bigger, perhaps the contrast with the mountains, perhaps the dry air, but it’s a translation of what the Native Americans called it. It is a wonderful state, especially the western part, and not as conservative as many of the other mountain states.

It is working its way into our hearts again.

Livingston, Montana is noted for being “tucked” (ha ha) right up against some of those beautiful mountains and is not a place you want to be in January unless you are preparing for your Mars mission and need some extreme cold, being right up from Yellowstone park (and that’s damned cold). But in summer it is a tourist mecca for running whitewater and fly fishing, just down the street from Bozeman.

Somehow Tucker Carlson found his way into God’s country this last week, where he was confronted in a fly fishing shop (so perfect). There, Carlson was approached by a man named Dan Bailey and Bailey had some thoughts to share with the richer than he has any right to be Fox host, the same guy who has led 30-40% of the country to stay wary of vaccines. Bailey doesn’t find that cool.

According to Huffington Post, Bailey can be heard saying

“You are the worst human being known to mankind. I want you to know that,” Dan Bailey can be heard telling the Fox News [1] host in a video posted [2] to his Instagram page Friday night.

Posting it to his Instagram page is what makes it art. We should note that this wasn’t some “friendly joke,” these two were right in each other’s faces:

Nice. Now, Tuck, get out of all the nice places. Go back to the hole in the ground from whence you came.

Peace, y’all
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