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A Deeper Look at Why Bachmann’s Theories Regarding Jan. 6th Portend Possible Civil War

As nearly all know by now, Michele Bachmann stated on Friday that Trump supporters were not responsible for the violence that occurred on January 6th. Quite obviously, someone entered the Capitol and ransacked the place, looking for Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi,* and if it was not done by Trump supporters, the MAGAs, the question becomes who did descend upon the Capitol? Coming from Michele Bachmann we already know the answer and there is a little bit more to be analyzed here than when the story first broke.

*As an aside, we find it relevant to note that when the Capitol was breached by thousands of people, people who started far closer to the White House than the Capitol, no troops or extra security surrounded the White House and no one whisked the president away? Is that not a little bit strange? After all, if these were unknown anarchists, how did they seem to know that the White House was entirely safe as the riots went on? Puzzling.

We believe there is one Bachman theme that deserves far more focus than a simple attempt to deny culpability:

First: “We didn’t see normal people breaking in,”

Who are normal people? Did she see people with three arms breaking in? How about people who were four feet tall, pale green, with huge black saucers for eyes and egg shaped heads? We knew exactly what she meant by “normal people” and she is lying. We saw [white] ex-cops, teachers, delivery men, people of all “types” in every way except skin color. Of course, one can find a picture or two of a person of color, but it’s a Where’s Waldo picture. The vast majority were not “normal,” they were abnormally white, the type that only Bachmann and people like Bachman call “normal.”

Second: Why? They were supporting him because President Trump was standing for biblical values. And that’s why so many believers were here to support him, because he was supporting biblical values. So it was really, I would say, more akin to a family reunion.

This is where it gets increasingly dangerous. We all know that the people who broke into the Capitol were Trump supporters and to the extent that they were doing so because they believed that Trump stood up for biblical values, the less they  had to lose and the less they’ll have to lose net time. If one believes that God is on their side and God has called on them for special duty, there soon become no limits on that duty and one flies airplanes into buildings, carries bombs into pizza places and shoots up Walmart parking lots, perhaps gay night clubs. It becomes a holy war, the worst type because there is no way to really lose if one has God on their side.

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Three:  So, people of faith were here, by faith, asking God through faith for his true election results. That’s the real story of Jan. 6. Bachmann went on to claim that it was actually busloads of left-wing activists who were responsible for the attack on the Capitol.

And so there is the set up. Abnormal people, people who don’t have the faith that the election will turn out the way God wanted it to turn out (January 6th is a formality, it has nothing to do with the election), came to the Capitol by the busloads. They were not there to pray, they were not there to see the results turn out the way the results were suppose to turn out. They are the enemy and responsible for an attack on America.

How is a real patriot supposed to respond?

The original story mostly encompassed the fact that Michelle Backmann said that Trump supporters did not attack the Capitol. It is a big story, the normal lede. But the subtle details within the story, the quotes, the justifications, these are the elements of the story going forward. Michelle Bachmann is not afraid to be covertly racist (not normal), she is not afraid say that God had a chosen candidate and it was Donald Trump and they were there to pray that God’s will be done with the election. Last, the attack on “her” country was clearly perpetuated by “others,” bad people, who cannot share the values she listed above. These are people that could easily be called enemies, domestic enemies, to the constitution, who must be fought at all costs.

This is the recipe for a real civil war, one in which one side is fascist. They do not need elections because God is on their side. The other wants democracy because they believe the vote is turning toward their side, and even if it wasn’t, democracy is better than fascism. We don’t know how many people Michelle Bachmann’s views represent but we suspect it’s quite a few and that’s damned scary.

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