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Lara Trump Cheering for a Black American to Lose at the Olympics

Lara Trump wants the Fox audience to know that when Black Americans win, whether it be the opportunity to represent the country in the Olympics, or the opportunity to win an Olympic medal and represent the country, they will be cheered on only when they meet white, pretty, Lara Trump’s standards America represents.

If that athlete happens to be unwilling to meet Lara’s standards by protesting America’s treatment of Black Americans, then Lara is happy to root against the American. Evidently, Lara believes it’s better to have a Hungarian (as but an example) win than the American who worked hard for her country but lives a different reality than Lara.

The issue surrounds Gwen Berry, an American who made the hammer throw team, an Olympic sport that is part of track and field. As described by our friends at Rawstory [1]:

“I feel like I’ve earned the right to wear this uniform,” Berry said when she made it through her qualifying round.

Olympic athlete Gwen Berry said she would protest the American National Anthem if she wins a medal in the hammer throw. Many Black athletes have protested during the National Anthem dating back decades, but when President Donald Trump lashed out at them, his flock of fans followed, including his daughter-in-law.”

This isn’t difficult to understand when one side – the wealthy white side – believes that they are America, or at least that it is their country. But people like Gwen Berry often don’t feel welcome in that same country and wonder if that country cares about them. We wonder why. Berry had a great quote addressing the matter from Japan.

Berry has said that she “represents the oppressed people, that has been my message for the last three years. I’m just focused on what I need to do because all those people who hate me, they aren’t here so they can’t affect me.

We suspect that she’s quite used to people hating her and that is why she has reservations about loving her country unconditionally. If only it was returned.

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