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Militant Proud Boy Less Proud: Calls Newsmax from Jail to Whine About Wanting to Go Home

Jail changes people. Prison really changes people. At least, that is the idea. Some people don’t want to change, some don’t really feel the need to change. They usually have a bit more trouble.

Christopher Worrell is a serious Proud Boys member who remains in pretrial detention for one reason. He is dangerous. He allegedly pepper-sprayed a law enforcement officer. Try that in your hometown and see if you are released. However, Worrell also has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, in a phone call with Newsmax host Greg Kelly in a phone call from jail, Worrell said that he was told he would receive treatment and he has had none.

If his assertion is true (and there are reasons to doubt the truth), and a medical doctor pours over the records and finds that Worrell’s assertion is true, then the judge needs to haul the Sheriff (who oversees the jail) into court to explain why Worrell is not getting treatment. The judge may – rightly – find that if the Sheriff cannot guarantee treatment for cancer, then the judge is forced to allow limited visitations to his doctors and clinics for treatment, which will take a big bite out of the Sheriff’s budget and perhaps expose the Sheriff to a few more serious problems. Or the judge will be forced to release Worrell to home confinement and medical treatment, another problem.

But Worrell’s biggest problem is that he didn’t start his interview with Kelly by complaining about his medical condition, which is what 99% of us would do. No, the man accused of pepper-spraying a law enforcement officer insists he is innocent.

“The regrets I have is, I mean, nobody I knew, talking to, during or after, had any idea that anything like that was going to occur on that day. None of us had any tendencies or anything other than the preach our First Amendment rights and protest our tyrannical government, it seems like, you know, they’re just worried about their own political agenda.”

We all have regrets, some of us regret breaking up with the girl whose father owned an air freight company. Worrell is going to regret not using his 5th Amendment right to remain silent. Telling the prosecutors and the courts that they’re only worried about their political agenda will strengthen their agenda, it just won’t be political. Additionally, arguing that you didn’t intend to get into it with the police, and only intended to protest within your First Amendment right, is akin to saying, “I just planned on getting the cash in the liquor store till. All the violence that happened after that, whoa, that surprised me.”

If one insists upon calling into a news show from jail, this is the only complaint one should make:

“I have another court hearing coming up soon, and we’re hoping the courts are going to see, but, you know, they’re just, they’re mistreating me. They promised me treatment way back in April, and yet here I am, still 166 days later with no treatment, so that’s our plan and our hope that the courts have a little bit of compassion, let me go home to get some medical urgent medical treatment that I need.

Again, if this is true, it is a problem. We do not punish people by denying needed medical attention, not in the United States. Losing his freedom is plenty. Losing cancer treatment approaches encroaching on his 8th Amendment Right. But this is the same guy above who argued he is innocent. We would want to check those records very carefully.


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