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President Biden is a Boss: Gets Asked About DeSantis and His Response is Perfect

When it comes to power in the United States, it can often seem like your local governor or even mayor wields quite a bit of power, and they do. That is why we want the most responsible, experienced, sensitive, and good people in those jobs. But as impressive as the local statehouse can be or city hall, it is nothing compared to what one finds in Washington DC.

One can feel it. The wealth, the importance, the history, and – yes, the power. One can certainly feel the power reverberating in the halls of the Capitol and the White House.

Presidents are well served to use that power sparingly. In the United States, the president is a citizen first, last, and always – “he” (so far) is also the president, and once in a while reminding people that one is the president is a great idea, like Joe Biden did today when he let Ron DeSantis know that he couldn’t care less “Gov. Who” might be.

The question came from NBC White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell, who asked Biden about DeSantis’ comments that he would be “getting in the way [1]” of federal government efforts [2] to impose pandemic restrictions. There is some cross-talk over the video clips, but Biden can be heard responding, “Governor who?” with a laugh, followed by “That’s my response.”

NOW THAT, has to sting a little because the whole point of being a Trumper governor is to get under people’s skin, get them angry. If you cannot get someone angry, then what’s the point of being a Trumper? It is no fun.

Governor Who? And, no – they can’t use that as sleepy Joe, because of the smile and statement, “that is my answer.”

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