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Seventy Percent of All Calls to MS Poison Hotline Due to People Ingesting Livestock Medicine for COVID

We will never understand the thought process that goes into this.

How is it that some people hear that there is a vaccine that is approved to keep people from getting COVID and the vaccine has been scientifically verified and recommended, but instead of using those COVID scientific protocols, these people go out and use other medications, used to treat other conditions, mostly in animals, ones scientifically verified to treat worms in heifers and horses but not COVID in people? How can these people get their wires crossed to such a degree? It has to be rooted in the belief that scientists are truly out to get them, but they really do love cows because cows get all the good stuff.

The issue is ivermectin. Now, we truly don’t like making blanket statements as to a group’s intelligence, but in the name of every dog in heaven, what. the. fck? The statement below comes from the Mississippi health department, a department that we presume has far better things to do with their time than putting out warnings about taking what is primarily a veterinarian medicine:

“Do not use ivermectin products made for animals,” it said in a Facebook post.

The Mississippi Health Department also issued an alert Friday to health care providers in the state regarding the increase in poison control calls due to potential ivermectin toxicity.

“At least 70% of the recent calls have been related to ingestion of livestock or animal formulations of ivermectin purchased at livestock supply centers,” stated the alert, which did not specify the number of total calls.

Guess what’s in Ivermectin? Yep, hydroxychloroquine. Now, run yourself through this thought process. Trump trumpeted hydroxychloroquine (We simply have to believe there was some nefarious reason behind it, likely to do with money). But then Trump trumpeted the beautiful perfect vaccine that he got out, the one that Kayleigh assured us was “the Trump vaccine,” the same vaccine that Trump said would’ve taken any other president fifty years to produce.

But his followers decide Trump was right when he first suggested animal worm drugs and an anti-parasite treatment in humans? Moreover, we recall Trump nearly losing his life to COVID. When Trump got out of the hospital, he trumpeted his miracle cure… and it wasn’t hydroxychloroquine. Instead, he talked up his monoclonal antibody treatments. But his fans aren’t seeking monoclonal antibodies because those cost $1500 per treatment.

Instead of falling back on a perfect (as to fatal cases) vaccine, they go to the feed store. Jesus, these people.

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