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Trump Still ‘Humiliated’ by Brother Fred Jr. Dumping Mashed Potatoes on His Head When He Was a Child

Mary Trump is the niece of former president Donald Trump and her tell-all book offers a startlingly frank, and not necessarily flattering look into the former president and his family. Her book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man,” is full of anecdotes about Donald Trump’s relationships with his parents and siblings, but one story, in particular, stands out.

In a squabble with his older brother Robert, young Donald, who was seven-years-old at the time ignored orders from his mother Mary to stop fighting, Business Insider [1] reports. Then his older brother Freddy, 14 at the time, stepped in, hoping to end the fight.

Which he did. By dumping an entire bowl of mashed potatoes on Donald’s head. Everyone in the room, except young Donald, erupted in laughter.

“It was the first time Donald had been humiliated by someone he even then believed to be beneath him,” Mary Trump wrote. “He hadn’t understood that humiliation was a weapon that could be wielded by only one person in a fight.”

After that incident, Trump learned to strike first so he wouldn’t have to feel that humiliation again, she added.

“From then on, he would never allow himself to feel that feeling again. From then on, he would wield the weapon, never be at the sharp end of it.”

And Mary Trump notes he’s never forgotten the incident.

His older sister Maryanne mentioned the story during a 2017 gathering at the White House, and as she did, Donald Trump “listened with his arms tightly crossed and a scowl on his face,” she wrote.

“He clearly still felt the sting of that long-ago humiliation,” she noted.

Perhaps this is why, Trump, at age 18 during a visit to Freddy’s home in Marblehead, Massachusetts, ridiculed his brother’s dreams of becoming a pilot, attacking him at dinnertime by saying:

“Dad’s really sick of you wasting your life,” and adding “Dad’s right about you, you’re nothing but a glorified bus driver.”

Not long after that Freddy Jr. returned to the family business but his younger brother continued to taunt him about his lofty dream, until at one point, Fred Sr. demanded that he get rid of the plane. Freddy complied, Mary writes.

Perhaps crushed that he would never be able to follow his dream, Freddy became a life-long [2] alc0holic, succumbing to its effects at age 42. None of his family members accompanied him when he was taken by ambulance to the Queens Hospital Center in Jamaica, New York. Mary’s grandparents were only able to contact two of their four children — Donald and Elizabeth, who visited the family home after hearing the news.

By the time Mary’s mother arrived at the home that evening, Donald and Elizabeth had gone to the movies. [3]

How sad this is. Here’s a book that opens a dark window into a clearly dysfunctional family. Undoubtedly this is what has shaped Donald Trump and it’s a large part of who he is. A man who’s learned to be vindictive when it suits him and it’s no wonder he insults people he clearly believes are his inferiors.

What a way to run a presidency.