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Twitter Destroys Susan Collins: Watch, It Wasn’t Right for Pelosi to Reject Jordan and Banks

Psychologists, historians, perhaps prosecutors, will all spend time throughout their careers attempting to explain and understand how it was that Susan Collins became known as a GOP moderate as her “brand”. Occasionally, during an interview on some proposed congressional action, or some sort of action taken by a GOP leader, she will express “concern” (which has now become a meme) about all that’s happening. There is no reason for anyone to pay attention anymore because it’s all talk. Collins has become her own joke.

When it gets right down to it, Susan Collins votes hard red Republican every time. During Trump’s first impeachment, the one in which she voted not guilty, she walked in front of a bank of cameras and said that she was sure that Trump learned a lesson in the process. She was right. Trump learned that he was untouchable and could do whatever he wanted, including firing all the witnesses against him and initiate an attempted coup.

Senator Collins appeared on CNN this morning in front of Jake Tapper. She went out of character this morning with respect to investigating what happened on January 6th. She was not a moderate, she was an unapologetic MAGA and disappointed that Pelosi kicked Jordan and Banks off the investigative committee. Collins never mentioned that the House was forced to form an independent committee because Republicans rejected an entirely 50-50 investigation bi-partisan investigation. Collins knows this, she is playing the pro-wrestling game that we’ve heard so much about of late. It is all fake, her position is fake, it is meant to assuage Republican leaders also watching television this morning.

Once again, Collins is proving that beneath that “oh-so-reasonable-moderate-exterior” lies a hardcore MAGA that must win in purple Maine. Twitter is absolutely sick of her.

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