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AOC’s New GOP Opponent Puts Out an Ad So Bad That It Looks and Sounds Like Satire

Given cable television, the net, national companies, all of that, we were under the impression that regional, or even city accents had mostly gone the way of genuine regional cuisine, (except deep country South, proven to be entirely invulnerable to modernization). But hearing a strong Brooklyn accent even today is, well, at least interesting, kinda cool.

AOC’s new MAGA opponent Tina Forte, the one with the accent is not cool and her new video ad attacking AOC is so bad, so so so very bad, that it manages to come full circle as to be awesome.

Honest, we hate to bring this up, but per Republican rules, the blonde Forte wears a shirt with a plunging neckline so obviously “forced,” that anyone watching is “forced” to endure Newsmax-worthy cleavage. Normally, we’d avoid such ridiculous and gender-specific comments. but it almost has to be addressed as it’s literally in one’s face. This site is run by women (it’s awesome), and it’s agreed that we have no problem pointing out that if someone wants to be taken seriously, as someone serious with serious ideas, it’s best to dress professionally and leave the “night out dancing” shirt in the closet for a night out dancing or something.

But just as ridiculous as Forte’s outfit is the lack of anything substantive in the ad. She calls AOC trash – which is truly special in this context – and that’s about it, going on to say that AOC hasn’t served her constituents well at all. Plus, Forte manages to sound dumber than ham, we’re talking “Boebert-level.”

Evidently, without realizing it, Forte does nothing but mock herself in this video, one that embodies everything “MAGA 2021” and Titter loved it!

And we’re off and running:

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