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Doctors Worry, What’s Next? A Measels Outbreak? MAGA Paranoia Could Create a Wave of Disease

One sees it all the time on Twitter. The MAGAs love to assert “I have an immune system, and a kids immune system is even stronger. If it doesn’t get exposed to diseases, the immune system won’t function.” This very type of post is ubiquitous. The MAGAs want to fight disease all naturally. They say so without even realizing that it’s only their privileged position as American citizens that keeps them from seeing the downside. Plenty of people found out that these diseases used to fight immune systems all the time and win. People, especially kids, had a chance to die, all naturally.

Now, doctors fear that the paranoia regarding the COVID vaccine is going to lead to MAGA parents refusing to accept vaccines that have literally vanquished other diseases to the pages of history. From the Washington Post:

Over the weekend, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) declared on Twitter that there should be “NO VACCINE MANDATES.”

More than a dozen other prominent Republicans in Congress and in the states have made similarly defiant statements in recent days, often using inflammatory rhetoric. In South Carolina, Gov. Henry McMaster pledged to fight Biden and Democrats “to the gates of hell” on coronavirus vaccine mandates, while Rep. Elise Stefanik (N.Y.) condemned Biden’s recent mandate as “authoritarian” and the work of “a power hungry government.”

Guess what it’s called when your child’s school mandates that you show vaccination records in order to admit your daughter as a student?

“The 20th century was a century of incredible progress against leading killers, and much of that progress was because of vaccinations,” said Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health. “If we turn our back on vaccines at this moment where vaccines are really having a scientific heyday . . . I think that would be tragic, and it would cause a lot of unnecessary suffering and death, particularly among children.”

So there you have it. “Cause a lot of unnecessary suffering and death.” All to trigger the libs, which is the only reason the MAGAs are refusing the vaccine. The elderly didn’t refuse the vaccine. They knew. The parents don’t.

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