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Donald Trump Jr. Says Ana Navarro is Overweight and Social Media Goes NUTS

Fat-Shaming, Weight-Shaming, it often seems as though the MAGA movement exists to simply anger people. As this site has reported on many occasions, the MAGAs blindly follow Trump because he, more than anyone else, can “trigger” the liberals, or “libs.” Anything considered progressive, respectful, even “nice,” is simply rejected and laughed at. Don Jr. does it almost as effectively and gave it his best shot last week.

And failed.

Only someone like Junior would refuse to acknowledge COVID, the disease that is ripping the country’s medical system apart, the same disease that flushed through his family to the point that his father came close to losing his life, and talk instead about “obesity” as the real problem. He managed to do it offensively and very personally.

This last week he took on The View, but bit off a bit more than he could chew. Vice President Harris and especially Ana Navarro definitely came out on top. From Uproxx:

Tomi Lahren has already tried (and largely failed) to dunk on members of The View for testing positive for coronavirus ahead of an interview with Kamala Harris, but Donald Trump Jr. is certainly familiar with following in failed footsteps and tried his hand at it again this weekend.

What followed, of course, is the son of the twice-impeached president getting a quick reply from The View host Ana Navarro that offered a taste of his own medicine regarding his own once-COVID-sickened father. The daytime talk show devolved into chaos on Friday when two co-hosts, Navarro and Sunny Hostin, learned live on air that they were positive ahead of an interview with the current vice president.

Later in the weekend, Trump Jr. tried to weight-shame members of the cast in the wake of the positive tests by making a tasteless joke about weight.

First, Vice President Harris fired off a great shot:

Then it was Navarro’s turn to really finish him off:

And because she is vaccinated, Ana – like so many others who’ve been enlightened enough to have the vaccine, came out victorious:

Others on Twitter were rightfully angry:


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