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Don Jr. Promotes 9/11 Boxing Match by Saying His Father Will Reveal Details About Area 51

Pretend just momentarily, just pretend, that Area 51 really does have otherworldly stuff out there. Pretend that all that stuff is studied and cared for by our military and top defense contractors. Just go with it for a minute, after all – no one has ever proven that they don’t. Kidding.

Now that everyone is on the same page, pretend you are on a board with 12 members that oversee this stuff. You have rules about how much you tell each president. None know the entire truth, but some know more than others. It is purely a “need to know” rule and, as of yet, there’s no real need to tell a president everything. But you do need to say enough to ensure you’re not arrested if anything ever sort of gets out. It is a fairly easy call on how much for most presidents.

Trump gets into office. Even if you really like him, let’s say you’re a MAGA, are you going to let this man know much of anything at all, given his propensity for just speaking out for no real reason except to puff himself up, or get the country’s attention on something other than the heat he’s getting. Are you going to tell him much of anything? Are you going to tell him that there is anything but just sophisticated equipment out there?

Of course not. But some people believe that presidents know it all. Don Junior might be one and there are millions out there that do believe Trump knows everything.

The Trumps have a pay-per-view boxing match that they’re trying to promote. Junior and dad are doing commentary. How would they get people interested? Junior says Trump is going to talk about Area 51.

We don’t know if Junior was “joking” in the email or not, and – more importantly, neither do most people who might buy the pay per view. How sad is this:

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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Absolutely pathetic. And, of course, the link to the pay-per-view. Now everyone go back to normal, not knowing anything about it.

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