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‘DON’T GET VACCINATED,’ Anti-Vax Billboard on ‘Funeral Home’ Truck Goes Viral

Genius. Perfection.

Over the years, this site has never missed an opportunity to point out those rare instances when genius meets creativity. The result is perfection, the perfection of the type one rarely sees.

As everyone knows, it is exceedingly difficult to get a message through the pointed MAGA heads (Sharp on top). As we have said any number of times, it seems as though the vaccine resistance at this point is more about triggering the libs than it is about concern for the safety of the vaccine. They so miss Trump. It was so easy, so fun, all they had to do is love him and laugh, then stand back and watch our heads near explode because he was so obviously incompetent and destroying the country.

They miss him, they miss that trigger. So they’re tough to reach. They think their odds of surviving COVID are just good enough that it’s worth that trigger-high again, watching all of us, through the media, go poo-flinging monkey insane about the fact that this disease could have been largely stamped out in this country, a return to normalcy.

Normal messages aren’t getting through to the MAGAs. It is time to bring out something impossible not to notice, something they’ve never seen before. Something that might be real. We will step aside and let the genius soak in.

Charlotte, North Carolina — An apparent anti-COVID-19 vaccine digital billboard had Charlotte residents and social media buzzing Sunday afternoon. But it wasn’t anti-vaccine at all. Quite the opposite.

The billboard was on the side of a truck being driven around uptown Charlotte as thousands walked the streets during Sunday’s Carolina Panthers game at Bank of America Stadium.

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The message featured simple white lettering on a black background and read, “Don’t get vaccinated.” Under it was the name “Wilmore Funeral Home.” It also included a web address for WilmoreFuneralHome.com. But the funeral home doesn’t exist. The billboard was the brainchild of David Oakley, owner of the BooneOakley advertising agency, which went public about it in a tweet.

The funeral home doesn’t exist. It was an attempt to get the MAGAs to think momentarily, “What if…” and “Is it really in their business interest to advertise…” To be sure, the smarter of the MAGAs (we’re splitting atoms here), probably figured the joke out. Not all of them. Perhaps they suddenly realized there was money to be made if they didn’t get vaccinated.

Perhaps it had no impact at all. It is still perfection.

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