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Evangelical Host to Trump on Embarrassing Audit Loss, ‘Sir, Are You Prepared to Accept These Results?’

Real America’s Voice host David Brody (And Christian Broadcasting Network and hardcore Trumper), confronted the MAGA Supreme Leader over the just-released Arizona audit “apparently confirming Biden’s win,” and asked him “Are you prepared to accept those results?”

We at this site know that you will not be surprised by Trump’s overall answer, “No,” but how he gets there is interesting and we intersperse some comments within his answers. We thank Mediaite for the transcript: (Trump in Bold)

“Mr. President, I want to give you a chance also to respond to the news out today about this audit. Maricopa County, Arizona, the draft of the report done by, in your words, highly respected auditors is out, apparently confirming Biden’s win in the state. Are you prepared to accept those results? What’s your sense of it?” 

We will absolutely give Brody credit where due (on the question alone) because it was direct, important, and even referenced what Trump previously said about the audit’s legitimacy. Trump’s answer is typically Trump:

Well, no, because they just took a small part and they didn’t look at the real numbers. Now the numbers are going to be announced. The real numbers are going to be announced at four o’clock today.

What numbers did they look at, Roman numerals? Imaginary numbers? Did they use “i” to get the square root of a negative? Is 4:00 o’clock a real number?

As I understand it, Arizona is having a conference and they found many votes that were terrible, terrible votes. In other words, they found that they were false votes, phantom votes, whatever you want to call them.

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We suspect that Trump is referencing votes for Biden, those are terrible votes and should never have been counted. After all, look at the county from which they came? Trump would say, look at who lives in that county? “You want to count that terrible guy’s terrible vote? “He would say, “No, and that’s why it’s all rigged, they’re counting votes that should never have been counted, from people who never voted before, it’s rigged, believe me…”

So I have to see, because I’m not involved in it,…they wanted to get out ahead of it like they always like to do, whether it’s on Russia or Russia or Ukraine, Ukraine, they want to get out ahead of it. So we’re going to have to wait.

We have no idea what that means, either.

…. I’ve actually heard the results of the report is very damning, but they don’t want to say that. They want to get way out ahead where long before the report. I’ve heard the report is very damning.

He has heard that he lost and that they got the count wrong, Trump lost by more than the original vote tallied. It is very damning. No, he’s not going to accept it and Brody now has to question whether he can accept Trump. The very fact that he asked the question is actually a sliver of hope and it causes one to wonder, deep down (very deep), whether Brody is questioning Trump’s entire persona for the first time.

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