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Florida Anti-Vaxxer in ‘Tremendous Pain’ WIth Covid Now Wants You to Finance His Life

Oh dear.

Let me introduce you to Dr. Alvin Green. The Florida chiropractor is a vocal anti-vaxxer and believes that Covid is just a big ol’ joke. Nothing more than a flu.

Well, the good doctor (well, chiropractor) has spent the past two-plus weeks in and out of the hospital thanks to contracting a case of life-threatening Delta variant.

And now according to his wife, is seems that “recovery is looking like a very long journey” so what do they do? They set up a GoFundMe. Because why bother getting the vaccine, FOR FREE, when you can beg your friends and family and people on the internet for money to support you. Green says the GoFundMe is necessary to “aid in finances while he is no longer able to work within his practice”.

Now, let’s take a look at Dr. Green’s Instagram, shall we?

Well this is nice:

Oh, looks like Dr. Green thinks the government is lying, what a surprise!

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Well, sadly it appears Dr. Green did indeed catch covid. His mighty, mighty immune system just couldn’t fight it off, and now he’s in the hospital with pneumonia. According to his wife Lynn:

Since returning Wednesday after 13 days in hospital we saw a decline in his health last night and this morning. To be safe he has been readmitted and tested-they found a little more pneumonia and an air bubble in his chest causing tremendous pain.

He has lost 30 pounds in 3 weeks and struggles to sit up or stand, breathe on his own and the list goes on. I am now a major caretaker, nurse and his main source of emotional support and only visitor. Plus taking care and emotional care of a toddler and 10 year old.

I normally don’t post my family or personal life too much on here but this situation is life changing. It has seriously been the hardest thing to go through on so many levels. It’s now a part of who I am and my story. It doesn’t feel authentic to not share my struggle. I am doing the best I can. Today is rough. I am literally way off any kind of routine or what was my normal routine. Things that mattered before do not matter like they did. I find my moments with God in early am and evening and as a family. I have faith and this will only make us all stronger. Gods plan and purpose for all this is always good.

And of course Dr. Green’s wife posted the GoFundMe.

If you take a look at the GoFundMe page, it never mentions that Dr. Green mocked covid and didn’t get vaccinated:

Unfortunately the time has come for Dr. Green and his family to ask for your assistance. Dr. Green of performance driven therapy and chiropractic has been struck with the Delta Variant. Though mentally and physically well, leading a very respectful and holistic lifestyle, the COVID virus has a target on everyone. Dr. Green has been in the hospital for 13+ days, fighting tremendously through this attack on his respiratory system. He is suffering with double pneumonia & recovery is looking like a very long journey for our friend and practitioner. We ask for your aid in finances while he is no longer able to work within his practice. We all are aware of how troubling these cases can be for all members of families and friends alike, so we ask you to lead with empathy during this difficult journey Dr. Green is facing.

But I guess Dr. Green now believes the pandemic is real, since he needs strangers on the internet to pay his bills.


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