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‘Imeach Biden’: Lauren Boebert Mocked for Misspelling Impeach in Release Calling for Biden’s Removal

One always has to be a bit careful calling Lauren Boebert “dumb,” “stupid,” “dim as Dim sum,” you know – the usual. She is dumb as a fish, but still.

The problem is that Lauren Boebert didn’t finish high school and got her GED just before she ran for Congress. We have to be careful here. Lauren dropped out because she became pregnant with a man who, evidently, was every bit as irresponsible as her (there are ways to prevent such things).

But it’s damned hard to mock someone who drops out of high school under such circumstances. In the end, formal education is a luxury, ask kids in Africa or China, who are working at age 11 what they think of a chance to go to school.

Besides, formal education doesn’t necessarily equate to intelligence or wisdom (though it sure AF doesn’t hurt). One can continue to educate themselves throughout their lives. Lauren Boebert didn’t drop out because she was dumb, she isn’t dumb because she dropped out, and she is too dumb to continue to educate herself.

Last caveat, we writers really ought to be careful in taunting the “typos” of others and wouldn’t normally do so, unless we had an entire staff, that was making a sign, calling for the end of a presidency, and were the typo not a misspelling of the single easiest word on the sign!

Oh, sweet baby Jesus beside a donkey needing to “Pee.” How does that get out the door? We make mistakes, no doubt about it, but we have these electric computer things that light up with a siren whenever one misspells a word? They’re all fancy, to be sure, they cost as much as a run to the grocery store. They won’t entirely rid one of the problem, but they sure help.

Oh, did the net have a good time with this one: