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Internet Rolls in Laughter After Ivanka Banned From the Met Gala Due to Dear Old Daddy

You can never go home again.

It would be a fascinating question to go back in time to late 2016, just after Trump’s win, to ask Jared and Ivanka a question. Put it to them straight up, “Would you rather stay the loyal daughter and son in law and go work in the White House on your own little projects, Ivanka?

Is it worth it to you, Jared, to do big projects for a failed presidency? You can work in the White House, but just know that your actions and resulting reputation are ruined, forever, outside of MAGA land, to the extent that you will never again participate in New York high society ever again.

Or, would you prefer to bug out of the political thing ahead of time, say that you will let Dad Trump manage the political end, and say you’ll focus on business and family in New York, rarely seen, and retain the dignity required to participate?

We at the site suspect that at the time they would believe that they could do both (they are remarkably arrogant), but if you assured them that they cannot do both, it’s our guess that they’d have stayed in New York. Neither of them went to Washington to better the country. It was self-promotion. Instead, they’ve ruined themselves in all but a fraction of the crazy right. They would have stayed in New York and been seen as “responsible.”

As of late 2020, they knew they couldn’t move back and enjoy a normal life. But now they know that4 they cannot even return just for engagements anymore, either. According to Indy500 [1]:

Despite having been in a prominent position on the New York social scene at one point, Ivanka Trump [2] – daughter of former President Donald Trump [3] – and her husband Jared Kushner [4] are not among the 400 celebrities attending this year’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala.

Vogue editor and organiser Anna Wintour has previously said that Donald Trump is banned forever, and it’s is widely believed that Ivanka and Jared were snubbed this year too.

The net certainly enjoyed it:

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