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Jen Psaki Shuts Down Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson in Mid-Question: ‘I Think We Have to Move On!’

Emerald Robinson deserved the humiliation she got Friday.

There is no doubt that the fanboys on Twitter have gone a little overboard in what has become almost Psaki “worship” (Not a little of it because Psaki is breathtakingly beautiful) and we at this site work hard to concentrate more upon the incredibly professional job she does in rendering honest answers over Psaki Bombs, while also covering those exchanges in which she engages in some snark or anger. This report covers an answer that delivers on all three points.

On Friday Psaki was at her best.

She first delivered an answer to a question premised upon entirely wrong information and then, after it was clear that Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson wasn’t quitting, Psaki’s snark sling came out as she tersely shut the door on Robinson.

Thanks to Mediaite for the transcript and we’re going to tiptoe out of Psaki’s way as Emerald tried to get her “You HATE Red States” sound-byte into Psaki’s press room:

ROBINSON: So speaking of the waning efficacy of vaccines, I do have another question about the President’s COVID plan. He promised on September 9th that he was going to send 50 percent more supply of monoclonal antibodies to states, yet the Biden administration is cutting supplies in red states by 50 percent.

So, for example, you know, in Florida, they were expecting to get 70,000 doses this week, which they say they need. They’re only getting 30,000 doses.

And this is not just for unvaccinated people. In South Florida, half the people who are seeking this treatment are fully vaccinated. So why is the Biden administration cutting these supplies?

MS. PSAKI: That’s not accurate, so let me give you the accurate information. First of all, we are increasing our distribution this month by 50 percent. In early August, we were distributing an average of 100,000 doses per week. Now we’re shipping an average of 150,000 doses per week.

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Over the last month, though — and one thing that I think people need to understand for clarity — facts — I know you like facts — is that monoclonal antibodies are lifesaving therapies that are used after infection to prevent more severe outcomes.

So, clearly, the way to protect people and save more lives is to get them vaccinated so that they don’t get the — COVID to begin with.

But over the last month, given the rise in cases due to the Delta variant and the lower number of vaccination rates in some of these states — like Florida, like Texas — just seven states are making up 70 percent of the orders.

Our supply is not unlimited, and we believe it should be equitable —

ROBINSON: But there has

MS. PSAKI: — across states across the country. Do you —

ROBINSON: But there have been no reports of a lack of supply, so why cut them to those states only if there’s no reports of a lack of supply?

MS. PSAKI: I think our role as the — as the government overseeing the entire country is to be equitable in how we distribute. We’re not going to give a greater percentage to Florida over Oklahoma, nor do I think are you suggesting that. (Oh yes she was, to some extent, snark snark snark).

I think we have to move on.

And that’s why she’s Jen Psaki and we are not.

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