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Jen Psaki Utterly Ignores and Walks Out on Question From Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson

Is Newsmax an actual news outlet? Is OAN? Which one is worse? These are impossible questions to answer and we have no intention of even making the attempt. We do know that Fox’s Peter Doocy regularly asks questions, and while Psaki’s answers can be terse, snarky, and some receive some directed anger and attitude, there’s never a question about whether Doocy will be permitted to ask a question.

We will admit, Fox – the news side – has made a sufficient effort so as to at least be in the room and allowed a question to mock. The audience is just too large to utterly ignore or that suddenly becomes an issue. Evidently, ignoring Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson isn’t an issue for Jen, and since Jen’s the pro, we trust her evaluation of the situation.

We don’t know a thing about Emerald and so we looked her up and… Behold! One of the first tweets to come up was something defending the Ivermectin users:

The @AP  was forced to issue a correction over a story about ivermectin because it used “information provided by the Mississippi Department of Health that 70% of recent calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center were from people using ivermectin.” The real number was 2%.

Yes, well, it’s extremely important to reassure Ivermectin users out there, who we’re just certain saw an AP report and decided that Ivermectin was just too dangerous for them. Glad she got the message out that the AP corrected themselves. Has Newsmax ever done that?

Evidently, Psaki doesn’t think Newsmax does much of anything. Watch Jen Psaki briskly walk out on poor Emerald:

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Well, Peter probably feels better. Ask about Ivermectin next time, Emerald. We know all the questions that come from the “Fire Fauci” crowd. (Yes, that’s a thing.)


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