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Literally Thousands Rage Back at Jim Jordan’s Outrageous Tweet Explaining Why People Won’t Get the Jab

We all know why certain people are not getting vaccinated and it has nothing to do with Dr. Fauci. There are two primary reasons.

First, there is a large segment of people in this country that are easily manipulated. Strangely, these are the same people (almost exclusively) who voted for Trump. They do not trust science, the scientific method, and they are prone to trusting in unproven conspiracy theories. Just like the overlap between Trump and the unvaccinated, they are the same people involved in “Q.”

Still within this first group are people who Trump manipulated. There is a seamless line between refusal to wear masks and the people who won’t get vaccinated. We know that Trump wouldn’t wear a mask because it made him look weak. The herd followed Trump’s example. Trump himself has said he knew more than the scientists.

The second reason the unvaccinated won’t get vaccinated is they need an outlet to trigger the libs. For years, they got a dopamine high watching us freak out about what Trump did and what they did in keeping their blind allegiance. Now that Trump is gone, they need an equally nonsensical reason to drive us up the wall. The more we scream about how obvious that need for vaccination may be, they can resist, knowing that they can play the odds and likely make it out alive.

Distrust of Dr. Fauci has nothing to do with it. Dr. Fauci is the face of their hatred for all things liberal, all things science, and all things “not fun,” as in it’s not fun wearing a mask, it’s not fun not being allowed on planes, it’s not fun having to take measures to suppress the disease.

But Jim Jordan needs a bad guy to blame and it cannot be Trump, the man most responsible for the deaths and resistance to vaccines:

That tweet alone had over 1,000 responses within two hours, an astonishing figure:

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