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MAGAs Turn on George W. Bush Because He Told the Cold, Hard Truth About Trump Supporters

Al Gore. John Kerry. Two men that were turned away from the White House (one most abnormally and perhaps wrongly) due to the conservative vote in this country. It is difficult to tell what came first, the extremists or the extreme candidate, it doesn’t matter. Everyone who voted for Trump is an extremist now. Those who won’t “go there,” like Liz Cheney and George W. Bush, some of the most conservative people to walk in this country, old school Republicans, old school names, Bush, Cheney, all of them counted as liberals now in the face of the movement that is anything but conservative.

Today, George W. Bush called out the Trump extremists as the domestic version of Al Qaeda, people with a disdain for pluralism, children of the same “foul spirits.” He pointed to January 6th as his proof, on September 11th. The parallels couldn’t possibly be clearer, at least in his mind. Given that Bush is an actual Republican (tough to call a “RINO” although we suspect they’ll manage), he has more credibility with the general public.

So now, having made his point, the MAGAs have turned on him. Yes, they turned on the Bushes before 2016, we know. But Bush never called the MAGAs as akin to Al Qaeda before and thus the pushback today came with a bit more energy.

Yes, a fraud. A former president, no one would know what he’s like, it was all fake until now.

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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Ah, it’s Matt Taibi, a former liberal journalist who spent a few weeks in Russia and came back a Trump supporter. Good to see you, Matt.

A truther!

Some words of true wisdom below. We will remember this one:

Nice. We will just walk away with that.
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