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Mary Trump Makes Critical Observation: Trump Was Sick and ‘Clearly’ Struggling to Breathe on 9/11

As this site previously noted, Donald Trump had a horrific 9/11, as impossible as it sounds. His absence stood out dramatically. This was his hometown and he never misses a chance to be on television in his hometown… except when he’s not the center of attention. But something else might have been making Trump sick this weekend.

Mary Trump explained the dynamic we’ve been covering:

It’s entirely in keeping in what Donald always does. He doesn’t understand dignity. He doesn’t understand tragedy. He doesn’t understand anything that doesn’t pertain directly to him. And he will always push the envelope as long as he’s allowed to. And this is the problem here. He’s always allowed to. He’s always allowed to get away with it. So, you and I might think it’s bizarre behavior because it is for any decent human being, but one, he’s not a decent human being and, two, where’s the pushback? Nobody raised their voices on his side of the aisle against that appearance so he will continue to get away with whatever he can get away with as long as they let him.”

Sounds like a kid that skipped church, right? Perhaps wasn’t there for a friend? He doesn’t understand dignity, doesn’t understand tragedy, and as we said all weekend, doesn’t pertain to him. We said that he’ll never do anything in which he’s not the center of attention.

Now more on getting away with it, she says:

He continues to be supported by Republican leadership or at least not criticized by them. They are not taking a stance against his spreading the first big lie about the election. They’re not taking a stance about his second big lie about the insurrection, and last I checked, nobody pushed back on the fact that on the 20th anniversary of the worst tragedy to hit this country, he was commentating a boxing match to line his own pockets.”

Hmm, “to line his own pockets.” Interesting. We were told he’s worth billions. One doesn’t see that type of behavior from billionaires. And one doesn’t see that kind of lack of dignity from an adult. Then again, he’s not an adult.

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And now, something highly interesting:

He was very ill and, as somebody who had very bad asthma as a child, I know what it looks like when somebody is struggling to breathe, which he clearly was. But beyond that, in my family, showing any kind of weakness, even if it’s succumbing to a virus, is considered fatal. You don’t ever want to admit any kind of weakness at all. And he was probably quite afraid that he was not going to be able to either to pretend that he was okay or continue to recover, which ultimately he did. But I saw a completely terrified man who didn’t know what to do in that moment.



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