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Michele Bachmann Says God Told Her to Honor 9/11 Because Democrats Hate America

Michele Bachmann is being Michele Bachmann again, only more offensive than usual.

There is no point in introducing this. Michele knows how to tie Critical Race Theory to ruining 9/11. Yes, that is what Bachmann does and she did it this time on World Prayer Network call on Friday:

The Lord spoke to me about four months ago and said to do a conference on Sept. 11,” Bachmann said. “America has taken a turn. From all of our cultural gatekeepers—whether it is from the entertainment industry, academia, even corporate culture—America is now becoming an ‘anti’ view. It is not a pro-America view; it is an anti-America view.”

“I noticed in July, for instance, that [President] Joe Biden had canceled the Fourth of July celebrations in Washington, D.C.

“A lot of Democrat governors, Democrat mayors, were canceling their Fourth of July festivities, all under the auspices of COVID. And I thought, ‘This is very, very strange. There’s an effort to cancel not only our voices, but there’s an effort to cancel America’s history, traditions, and even our holidays and our heroes.’ And so I was even more convinced that we were on the right track here at Regent by focusing on Sept. 11.”

“One reason why I think there’s such an ‘anti’ mood towards Sept. 11, is because America was the victim that day,” Bachmann added. “Under critical race theory—whether it’s being taught through corporations, or whether it’s through our K-12 schools, or preschools, or at the collegiate level—critical race theory says that America is the oppressor nation and we, the American people, are the bad guys and any other nation is the victim. And so I knew again that focusing on what really happened on that day probably wasn’t going to happen, so we pulled together incredible speakers for this to speak the truth because at Regent University, we’re committed to being truth tellers and speaking the truth.

What “anti” mood? Anti-racism? Yes, sorry about that. As to CRT, here comes that boogyman again. Every time our Black American family demands more respect and clarity, the conservatives that benefit so much from the system start complaining. It happened in the Civil Rights Movement and it’s happening again now.

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Then to pair it with 9/11? The one unifying event in the last two decades? How very typical.

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